The ideal alternative for various elegant (but not too elegant) occasions, as well as casual (but not overly so) events. A dress code originally dictated by the sport of the same name, which has made La Martina the official brand in the evolution and development of the polo shirt, turning it into a true style icon to this day.

From polo, a sport with noble and distant origins, practised mainly in Argentina, India and England, came the development of the polo shirt, used by the British teams of the militia regiments, in particular the 10th Hussars Regiment and the 9th Regiment of Lancers, who practised this sport in their spare time. Hence the origin and evolution of the iconic garment, first in full jersey and later in slab, with a history that dates back more than 120 years.

The Argentinean brand was born from a vision of Lando Simonetti and his wife Gachi Ferrari, who wanted to offer the best quality in the production of all technical polo equipment, distinguished by high safety, comfort, structure, unique designs and customisation, thanks to a direct link with the world's most important players. For La Martina, the 80s were the springboard for a story of success that is still recognised all over the world today. When the La Martina polo team officially participated in the Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo, Argentina's most important championship, it requested and obtained the first official permission from the AAP (AsociaciĆ³n Argentina de Polo) to involve Alfa Romeo as a sponsor in the tournament. This innovative and unprecedented gesture in the history of polo brought incredible visibility that translated into an important intercontinental echo.

Within a few years, most polo teams would be wearing La Martina. A redesign of the classic polo shirt was natural: the name of the event was added to the sleeves and the names and graphics of the sponsors featured on the chest. A pioneering and strategic choice by La Martina to place its logo in a central position, while still giving space and visibility to the sponsors on the sides. The first La Martina polo shirt featured a collar with a small logo embroidered on the inside and a weave in slab jersey, just like the original. It also featured a single button for a finer opening, original sleeves without internal elastic, and a logo strategically positioned under the slit.