“I developed my first jeans because I wanted them to be comfortable, but at the same time luxurious and eclectic, suitable for even formal moments.”

~Nicola Bardelle

The philosophy behind Jacob Cohën collections has always been perfectly described by this quote said by Nicola Bardelle, owner of the brand who had the brilliant intuition to create the first luxury denim brand. Tailored designs, details that make the difference, rich materials. The strengths of Jacob Cohën’s collections emphasizes the extreme quality of Italian know-how, revealing a totally Made in Italy DNA. Jacob Cohën has always combined continuous stylistic research, skillful craftsmanship, superior quality and comfort of excellence. Today the brand is the reference point of daily luxury understood as a way of thinking, living and dressing.

Luxury denim, which means luxury lifestyle.

Starting from the timeless five pockets, cropped denim and truckers, Jacob Cohën's aesthetic is characterized by the almost obsessive attention to detail including jewel buttons, iconic salpe and sartorial finishes carefully developed by the company's artisan workshop.
The search for the highest quality raw materials, including the best selvedge fabrics and fine Japanese denim, is still the driving force of the brand, which over the years has applied its luxury attitude to the creation of total looks for men.