The choice made by Marco Campomaggi in 1983 was a precise one: to create objects that last over time and tell a unique, personal story. A lifestyle that leads back to a return to basics, to dreams pursued with constancy and sacrifice, in search of a personal taste, to a luxury that is intimate and not ostentatious in which excellence, raw material and creativity intertwine to create authentic beauty.

Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi S.p.A is an Italian company based in Cesena (Italy), with over 30 years of Made in Italy leather goods production and commercialization.

Caterina and Marco began to produce their very first bags when they were just two
students, sharing passion, talent and a commitment to work. From a very small production in the basement to the real foundation of the company: Marco and Caterina stand out immediately for a particular attention to exclusive and high-quality items.

In the 80’s, to support their studies, Marco and Caterina began to produce bags to sell them in Cesenatico. From the street to a real and proper company. In 1983 the company started as a sole proprietorship, then in 1986 it turned into a co-partnership company. Later on, in 2005, became a Ltd company until 2015 when it turned into a joint-stock company.

It is a 100% Italian manufacturing, due to the use of Made in Italy materials and thanks to a special attention to quality and to the excellence of raw materials. This is a source of pride and appreciation for the company and for all its brands.