We are artists, designers, creators, and craftsmen. Unique personalities creating unique fashion.

Our inspiration comes to life in designs that are more than shoes; they are wearable works of art.

The A.S.98 ethos is something that can't be taught in school, it comes from who we are and manifests itself in our designs. It's the lifeblood that flows through our work and is imbibed by those who wear our shoes: dynamic, daring, expressive, authentic, confident, creative, and bold. A.S.98 celebrates the rough edges and imperfections that make us all genuine originals, and recognizes there is only one true arbiter of cool...you.

Our fine leathers come to life in the historic tanneries of Italy, iconic home of quality leather goods and materials. Leathers are tanned and treated by hand, a process that reveals the individual textures and characteristics that make each piece unique. These are the perfect canvas for A.S.98's signature leather-working techniques, and constitute the soul of an A.S.98 design. Flexible metal, rivets, eyelets, studs chain, and zippers are a fraction of the details that add edge to the organic materials, and the marriage of these elements is the essence of our innovative and fearless style.

A.S.98 shoes are constructed by hand with unparalleled skill, by passionate and dedicated craftsmen in a family run factory. Employing elaborate needle work, leather weaving, and hand burnishing, these artisans leave their own impressions on each pair of shoes, ensuring exceptional quality, character and uniqueness. These elements make A.S.98 easily distinguishable from mass produced products, and loved by those who demand quality, craft, and uncompromised style.